You have questions, we have answers!

Below we cover some of the most asked questions from parents and students!


FREQUENTly asked questions

Q: When is Tuition due?

A: Tuition is due at registration. There will be a LATE CHARGE of $20 per family for
      any amount not paid by the child’s second class. No refund or credit will be given

      on tuition. There will be no deduction for lessons missed, regardless of reason for

      absences. There will be a $30 charge on all returned checks. This extra charge will

      be added to your account. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


Q: What if my child has to miss a class? Can a class be made up?


A: Although it is always best to attend your regularly scheduled class, your child is

     welcome to make-up their missed class in any similarly styled class within a month of

     the absence. Please contact BBDA to schedule your child’s make-up class.


Q: Do you observe Snow Days?


A: When there is inclement weather, please call 513-774-9474 for the status of your

      child’s class.  We will post updates on Broadway Bound’s Face Book page. We will

       also try to reach students if a class must be canceled. Tuition is not refunded.


Q: How are dancers selected for BBDA’s Dance Company?


A: Students are welcome to participate in BBDA’s Dance Company. 

     Students are required to attend three weeks of summer classes, in addition to the

     Dance Company Summer Intensive.  Students are required to attend one technique

     class and their Dance Company rehearsals during the school year.


Q: Does Broadway Bound have a recital?


A: An annual recital will be held in June. All students are encouraged to participate

     in the recital, however, participation is not mandatory. A recital is an important

     culmination of months of training and every dancer needs the excitement and

     pride of having a moment in the spotlight.

Q: Will there be a Dress Rehearsal before the recital?


A: Attendance at the Dress Rehearsal is mandatory. Students must be present for

     ALL of their dances for this rehearsal. If students choose to leave dress rehearsal

     before their number is performed, they will not be permitted to participate in that

     number during the recital performances. Since the Finale is practiced first, children

     will be excused after their last dance unless requested to remain longer by the



Q: Will my student wear a costume for the recital? Is there a fee?


A: The costume fees are either $65 (toddler/kindergarten classes) or $85 (levels I

       and up).  The non-refundable costume payment is due in December. No costume

       will be ordered unless payment is made. No one is REQUIRED to dance in the

     Recital. If you do not wish for your child to participate in ALL of his/her dances,

       please notify the instructor BEFORE December 1.

Q: What should my child wear?


  • Combo Classes, Broadway Babies: 

       Students should wear a black leotard, pink tights full-footed tights, pink ballet      

       shoes and black tap shoes (tap shoes are for combo students only).  Please secure

       tap shoes with an elastic tie.  Hair should be in a bun. Dancers are also permitted to

       wear ballet skirts 

  • Ballet I-V:

       Students should wear a black leotard, pink full-footed or convertible tights, and

        pink ballet shoes. Hair should be in a bun. Cover-ups are not permitted. 

  • Jazz I-V:

       Students should wear a black leotard, pink or tan full-footed/convertible tights,

        and tan slip on jazz shoes. Hair should be in a bun. Students may wear dance


  • Tap I-V:

       Students should wear comfortable clothes (athletic shorts/top) and black

       oxford-style tap shoes.  Hair should be in a pony-tail.

  • Hip-Hop Classes:

       Students should wear comfortable clothes (athletic shorts/top) and clean gym

       shoes. Hair should be in a pony-tail.


Q: Can my child try a class to see if he/she likes it?

A: Certainly! Dancers are welcome to sit in or participate in 1 class for free.

Q: What level should I register my child for?

A: Please check our DANCE page to see what level is appropriate for your child.